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CBD Nanotechnology

Water soluble CBD

Delta 8 THC Austin has harnessed advanced CBD nanotechnology to achieve the pinnacle of refinement in hemp oil concentrate. Through our innovative methodology, we have achieved unparalleled particle dimensions, optimizing the bio-activity of cannabinoids. This diminutive scale enhances the cannabinoids' efficacy by maximizing their surface exposure.

Imagine a balloon filled with marbles situated on your floor. It occupies only a fraction of the space. Now, envision the ballon cracking open, releasing the marbles that scatter and spread throughout the entire room.

This is precisely what our exclusive nano system accomplishes. It disintegrates substantial lipid spheres brimming with cannabinoids down to the molecular level, thousands of times over. As the particle size decreases, cellular absorption becomes increasingly efficient. With each halving of the particle size, the surface area expands exponentially. Consider the significant impact on surface area when particle sizes are reduced multiple times over. This transformative approach not only enhances the potency of hemp oil concentrate but also accelerates the delivery time to cells, reducing it from hours to mere seconds.



What’s the Difference Between Ours and Other Nano CBD?

Our CBD nanotechnology essentially reduces the size of CBD particles to generate water-soluble CBD. Nano CBD, a form of CBD isolate, separates terpenes from oil at the extraction point, contrasting with the hemp oil that retains all its natural compounds. Our water-soluble CBD products differ from nano CBD oil because it preserves all naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids inherent to the hemp plant.


Water Soluble CBD vs Oil

Normally, oils struggle to mix with water, yet employing CBD nanotechnology to reduce particle size enables CBD oil to become soluble in water. CBD oil and water-soluble CBD serve distinct purposes. CBD oil is commonly ingested orally through tinctures or edibles, or applied topically on the skin. In contrast, water-soluble CBD can be broken down in water for consumption. Because of its remarkably reduced particle size, water-soluble CBD facilitates a quicker absorption of cannabinoids compared to conventional CBD oil.

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