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Benefit from Premium Kanna Extract at Delta 8 THC Austin

Kanna extract, also known as Sceletium Tortuosum, is a naturally occurring plant-based extract with a long history of use in South Africa. Traditionally, the extract was used to reduce stress and anxiety, yet over the years, medical scientists have discovered that Kanna has the potential to boost your mood, improve sleep, and reduce stress. 

Kanna is a relatively gentle extract and has few side effects associated with it. That being said, it is always best to consult with a physician before googling where to buy Kanna extract, particularly if you are taking any other medications. 

At Delta 8 THC Austin, you can find the perfect Kanna extract for sale, as we have a variety of products available in our CBD shop. Drop by today to get yours. 

Want to Buy Kanna Extract?

If you want to buy Kanna extract to achieve the desired results, you may need to learn a few essentials about the product first. We have listed some details below.


What is Kanna?

Kanna extract is a mood-enhancing natural extract. The alkaloids in Kanna are soluble in solvents like alcohol. Lab experts soak the Sceletium powder in ethanol (food-grade) or isopropyl alcohol (99%) to move alkaloids out of the plant and into the solution. The saturated solution is Kanna extract. 

When you use the extract, the mesembrine, memebrenone, mesembrenol, and tortuosamine come into action to induce mood-enhancing effects. The plant contains nearly 1-1.5% total alkaloids. Mesembrine is the principal alkaloid in Sceletium that functions as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It proves beneficial against phosphodiesterase 4 (PED4). Mesembrenone functions as a more balanced serotonin and PED4 reuptake inhibitor. We encourage you to consult with an expert to determine the right Kanna extract dosage for the results you desire. 

This native South African plant has various potential health benefits. Many users describe Kana products as natural mood boosters that create a feeling of enthusiasm followed by a sense of relaxation. Searching for “Kanna extract near me” can help you locate a nearby store to buy it.


Get Kanna for Sale in Your Area

Looking for Kanna for sale in your area? We have what you need. Delta 8 THC Austin carefully sources only the highest-quality extracts to ensure you get the best results. Our team carefully inspects and tests each batch to guarantee maximum potency and satisfaction. 

If you need Kanna pills or gummies, drop by our store today or shop online. Don't wait – explore our selection of Kanna extracts today!

*The Medical Claims have not been substantiated by the FDA, and are not supported by our companies.

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