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Kava Dosage: Beginner's Guide to Dosing

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Want to try kava benefits? Kava is a crop that comes from South Pacific Islands, belonging to the same black pepper plants we know and love. It has been used in herbal remedies such as tinctures and tea to improve anxiety and mood. But getting the kava dosage right is necessary to reap maximum benefits. As experts in Delta 8 THC, we can help you with that.

How Does Kava Work - Find Out Here

What does kava feel like? The main bioactive compounds in kava are kavalactones in kavapyrones. Others include Yangonin, Desmethoxyyangonin, Kavain, Methysticin, Dihydromethysticin, and Dihydrokavain.

So, how does kava work? After you take it (orally through tea, tincture, or dietary supplement), the compounds cross the brain-blood barrier. It lets out nootropic effects that can take around 45 minutes to kick in. The two main compounds work through mechanisms covered by serotonin and GABA. The kava has bioactive constituents that increase the dopamine levels of your Central Nervous System (CNS).

How Much Kava to Take? Important Note on Safe Dosage

Wondering how much kava to take? There is no one right kava dosage since there are different factors that impact everyone. Start with 10 milligrams of dried kava powder if you're searching for an exact beginning point. Follow the directions on the package for capsules and tinctures.

Depending on which product you are using, here are some suggestions.

1. Kava Root Powder Dose

Kava powders may include anywhere between 3% and 20% by kavalactone weight. When wondering how to use kava powder, you have to check out different strengths. We have some basic guidelines that can help you take kava dosage safely. For weaker powders with 3% kavalactones, you will need to take a greater dosage to get the same effects as kava, which have up to 20% kavalactones.

Most kava powders have around 8% kavalactones in dried weight.

Looking for how to make a kava drink? All you need to do is put the blender with the required quantity of kava in it. Add some cold water in a ratio of 1:10 to 15 (1 gm of kava powder to 10 to 15 ml of water based on your preference). Spin it for 3 to 4 minutes on high in a blender. You can add some coconut oil or a small amount of lecithin, which may aid in the extraction of kavalactones that are soluble in fat.

2. Kava Capsule Dose

Since they frequently state the precise number of kavalactones in each pill, capsules make proper dosage simple. A kava capsule dosage's packaging label should always be followed. The dosage will change based on how concentrated the manufacturer decides to make their capsules.

3. Kava Tinctures Dose

You should adhere to the kava tincture dosage recommendations on the bottles, just as you would with kava pills. It is impossible to recommend a single dosage for all tinctures since multiple businesses will produce their products at varied potencies. One milliliter of kava tincture of one brand and one from another might vary significantly.

Kava Recommended Dosage for High and Low Ranges


Target Kavalactone Dose

Weak Kava Dose (3%)

Average Kava Dose (8%)

Very Strong Kava Dose (20%)

Low Dose Range

70 – 140 mg

20 – 40 grams

(0.7 – 0.14oz)

10 – 13 grams

(0.3 – 0.5oz)

4 – 7 grams

(0.15 – 0.25oz)

​High Dose Range

200 – 250 mg

60 grams


20 – 30 grams

(0.7 – 1oz)

10 – 13 grams

(0.4 – 0.5oz)

What Factors Affect Kavalactones Dosage?

1. Absorption

The procedure begins with the ingestion of the kavalactone dosage via the intestinal lining. The number of kavalactones that are ingested might vary significantly based on the state of the gut. To compensate for inadequate absorption via the stomach lining, those with intestinal problems such as inflammation or celiac disease may need substantially higher dosages.

2. Metabolism

When wondering how much kava extract to get high? The metabolism has an impact on how high you can get. The body will start neutralizing and metabolizing the kavalactones once they are in the blood circulation system. The liver is where this procedure is mostly completed. The effectiveness with which each person's liver removes kavalactones from the blood will vary.

We might have to take a higher kava powder dosage to get the desired results when we have a rapid liver metabolism since the kavalactones might be neutralized at a comparable rate to how quickly they are ingested.

Similarly, if our livers are not functioning properly or have poor metabolism, we might be unable to efficiently counteract the kavalactones. As a result, they may accumulate in circulation and have much more potent and long-lasting effects. These persons might need to take a lesser amount of kava to prevent negative effects.

3. Excretion

The kidneys eliminate kavalactone metabolites after the liver has processed them. Until then, a few of these kavalactone metabolites could still be functioning. The impacts of the kava powder dosage can remain longer if the kidneys take a long time to filter blood. For this reason, kava should not be consumed by those with renal illness.

Kava dosage may need to be reduced if renal function is subpar to prevent negative effects.

How Long Do Kava Effects Last?

So, how long does kava stay in your system? If you use kava tinctures or tea, the first effect you may notice is a tingling or numbing feeling in the tongue; this is natural.

The effects will gradually take effect around 30 to 45 minutes later. Since this procedure is delicate, you might not first detect them. Be patient and refrain from taking additional kava after 45 minutes if you aren't feeling it. When it comes to kava dosages, the effects might take as long as an hour and a half to become noticeable. If you take another dosage after 45 minutes, the effects may not work as intended when they occur.

So, how long do kava effects last? After consumption, kava is rapidly absorbed and takes around two hours to achieve its greatest impact. After consumption, kava stays in the body for more than 24 hours

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